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πŸ‘‘ King Charles III
King of UK & Commonwealth.
✝️ Pope Francis
Leader of the Catholic Church.
☦️ Nathanael of Chicago
Greek Orthodox bishop presiding over the Midwest.

πŸ’° Alex Soros
Writer. Chair of the Open Society Foundations.
πŸ’° Elon Musk
Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter, StarLink, etc.
πŸ’° Bill Gates
Technologist, business leader, philanthropist, etc.
πŸ’° Jeff Bezos
Amazon, blue origin, Washington Post, etc.

✍🏻 Luke Smith
Has resources for linux. Orthodox Christianity.
✍🏻 Mats L. Winther
Depth psychology & spiritual tradition.
✍🏻 Stelios Panagiotou
Conservative liberal. Anti-authoritarian.
✍🏻 Curtis Yarvin
Writer, Political Philosopher.
✍🏻 Kelley L. Ross
Dr. Ross's site is an encyclopedia.
✍🏻 Nicholas Taleb
Decision theory, risk, probability.
✍🏻 Richard Dawkins
Writer. British biologist
✍🏻 Nick Land
Writer. Lives in Shanghai.
✍🏻 Thomas Sowell
Writer. Economist, author, and social commentator .

Marines Website
✍🏻 Auron Macintyre
Writer, journalist.
✍🏻 JK Rowling
Writer, feminist.
✍🏻 Joshua Liu
Writer, webmaster who manages this website/blogroll.
✍🏻 Justin Murphy
Writer, Social scientist.
✍🏻 Alex Kaschuta
Writer from Romania.
✍🏻 Ray Patrick
Writer, Air Force guy.
✍🏻 β€˜Officer's Blog’
Independent Security Researcher.
✍🏻 β€˜Desperatelydoodlingdebbie’
Writer, poet. Also my nanny.
✍🏻 Cornelius Stahlblau
Organic prophecies, wild speculation, esoteric analysis.
✍🏻 β€˜Radish’
Edgy β€˜hard-right’ blogger.
✍🏻 Jonathan Pageau
French Canadian icon carver.
✍🏻 Matt Traudt
Naval Research Lab researcher.

NZ culture
πŸ—£οΈβœπŸ» Gad Saad
Evolutionary Psychiatrist. Political commentator.
πŸ—£οΈβœπŸ» Douglas Murray
Political commentator & journalist.
πŸ—£οΈβœπŸ» Peter Hitchens
Journalist and commentator.
πŸ—£οΈβœπŸ» Richard Stallman
β€˜Progressive’ activist. Founder of the GNU Project.
πŸ—£οΈβœπŸ» Noam Chomsky
β€˜Left’ activist. Founder of modern linguistics.
πŸ—£οΈβœπŸ» Jordan Peterson
β€˜Right’ activist. Psychologist & online educator.
πŸ—£οΈβœπŸ» Carl Benjamin
β€˜Free-speech’ activist. Web publisher.
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Friesian Loeb Online Stanford Philosophy CCEL site Internet archive NIH Marxist Archive Jstor website Taylor and Francis Library of congress Sacred Texts Springer gnosis Oxford Press British Library Alchemy

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Hoover Brookings GOP Greek Orthodox Church Heartland rand Atlantic Council Boy Scouts of America Chatham House American Mind iiss Poetry Obama Foundation Free Speech Union Passage Prize 1776

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Washington Post Forein Affairs American Conservative Reuters OCA BBC Economist New York Times The Atlantic Wall Street Journal Spectator mag Daily Wire American Spectator Guardian Unherd Telegraph